Tuesday 22 June 2010

Robo-K33f's tribute to the Harlem Heroes...

In the year 2050 Aeroball is the game,
Where the team Harlem Heroes put all others to shame,
Those jet-packing players are second to none,
It’s b-ball and kung fu all rolled into one,
Giant’s the captain – that cat’s outta sight,
He’s dunking and scoring from morning to night,
Some punk went and messed with the teams’ hover car,
Now Louis is so light, his brain’s in a jar!
So the team had to go and start up from scratch,
Don’t jive me ‘bout fielding dead men at a match!
The Heroes got Hairy, Zack, Slim and King,
Once up in the air, those guys do their thing!
So watch out the Bulls, the Wolves and the Cats,
‘Cos next to the Heroes you chumps are all wack!

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