Thursday 28 January 2010

Booting Up

Borag Thungg fleshies!

Much to our collective suprize and horror the other Nerve Centre droids and I learned that management robot King-Slay is both aware of, and amused by our weekly rants in 2000 AD's Damage Report. Had we been aware of this before we might have toned down the references to our hideous mistreatment, lack of oil breaks, heavy cubicle chains and general abuse at the hands of The Mighty One... but I digress.

"Your navel-gazing waffle could be amusing to the writhing pink mass of Squaxx Dek Thargo online," he boomed, "Publish this pithy dross each week in a new Blog, so that Earthlets above the age of 30 can read it without the use of an electron microscope"

Hopefully the physical and mental punishment we receive each day will be slightly allieviated if we could talk about our problems, plus, if we don't he will pass Tharg a magnifying glass and a copy of 2000 AD and get us all sent to Mek-Quake for 're-assignment'.

I have to go now and put together an attractive header for this site, plus the Langley droid is firing his finished artwork about the office angrily as it hasn't been sent to the printers yet and I need to go and pick it all up for him.

Please come back and check this page again soon, I have no wish to be crushed to death by a giant bulldozing psychopath, and hopefully this will be updated regularly!

Splundig Vur Thrigg!

Damage Report

Pye-01 fumbles around, desperately trying to interface his rusty old TGH-1000 plug with the Pan-dimensional interhypermegagigaterranet connection available in Tharg's office.