Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What's this quiz all about then?

While duly noting that there is a distinct lack of droids on the results page, should you wish to find out what sort of 2000 AD related personality disorder you might suffer from, you can peruse this web url:!/apps/application.php?id=324780278666

Facebook...what a peculiar name.

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Mighty One #2

Tharg oversees construction of the first Earth skyscrapers, and gives workers something to read on their lunchbreak

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Damage Report 1677

All the droids brace for impact as Cyber-Matt starts his Droiternity leave! Pye-01 bears the initial brunt, scurrying around answering e-mails left, right and centre whilst simultaneously pouring 110% Thrill-power all over the six other projects he’s working on. The good news: AALN-2 has been re-constructed to cover the shortfall, and will be in tomorrow!

Damage Report 1676

Damage Report: One of the Nerve Centre droids casually mentions that TV singalong series Glee has become a guilty pleasure, and suddenly the forces of hell, to paraphrase the Chancellor, are unleashed upon him. The ‘bot in question remains unbowed - it’s one of the best high-school comedies since Heathers, he states emphatically, fooling no one...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Pye-01 says...

A small and sweaty doughnut is better than no doughnut at all.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Damage Report #1675

PYE-01 excitedly bounds into the Nerve Centre recommending everyone check out, the premier website for transforming your vehicle into a rusted, post-apocalyptic skankbucket that Max Rockatansky would be proud of. Sales of saline solution and wooden roofracks suddenly rocket. Remember, rust isn’t a crime...

Monday, 1 March 2010


Kat-Scan attempts to integrate successfully with the droids that work in the call centre for her mobile phone company, and almost blows a gasket trying to exchange simple information with some 48k jargonbot cretin.
She hasn't experienced this kind of ineptitude since the last time she had to deal with HUMANS.

Botting Hell...

Why the petulant Pye and his pedantic paediatric prattle insists on flapping his anti-fop flop about when asked to do a simple task I don't know. That droid had better jump-to with a bi-anual repaint of the droid recreation room as clearly stated in his contract under article 631, sub-section 3, paragraph 4 before I do – otherwise the colour scheme will be a fantastic display of a new colour I like to call viced spare parts!

The Mighty One

Whilst hunting through the Thrill-Vault last week I uncovered a suprizing amount of archive pictures stored in a secret folder that Tharg seems to have forgotten about. Its seems His Verdantness has been influencing the course of human history for longer than we ever knew about... more images to be revealed soon!