Monday 1 March 2010

The Mighty One

Whilst hunting through the Thrill-Vault last week I uncovered a suprizing amount of archive pictures stored in a secret folder that Tharg seems to have forgotten about. Its seems His Verdantness has been influencing the course of human history for longer than we ever knew about... more images to be revealed soon!


  1. Now we know why Lennon wrote 'Jealous Guy', how was he meant to compete with the Mighty one?

    Can't wait to see more photos from the Tharg Files!

  2. This was basically the beginnings of an aborted feature for one of the end of year 2000 AD issues that we came up with a few years ago. Can't remember why we didn't go for it in the end - think we ran out of time, and probably couldn't find the pics we wanted at a high enough resolution (most would have to have been nabbed off the net). HOWEVER! now they can be revealed in all their pixelated copyright infringing glory!